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Client & Supporter Comments

The following testimonials have been sent to us over the years about our programs and services. The names of supporters and workshop sponsors are provided with their approval. To honour confidentiality we do not publish the names of individual clients.

Supporter Comments

"I chaired Barry Yeates’s interview board and he ranked first in his Foreign Service entry year class. When I heard about the training company he set up after leaving government, I referred a number of serving and prospective Public Service and Foreign Service people to him for help, with good results."
Glen Shortliffe,
Former Clerk of the Privy Council

“There is no question that your programme was well received… and no doubt in my mind that we need a service such as yours at this College.”
Tony Macoun—Rektor
Red Cross Nordic United World College, Norway, and
Former Director, Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Victoria), and
Headmaster, Ashbury College (Ottawa)


Client Comments

"Just a note to share some good news. I've been offered a job by the Foreign Service. Thank you very much for your advice, and consider me as a positive statistic for advertising purposes."
E.B., Quebec City
"Some of the simplest tips helped me most—how to pace yourself and eliminate options in the multiple-choice exams, what to expect from the interviewers and how to avoid letting them rattle me or get me to back away from my ideas."
D. Black, Halifax
“Thanks very much. Your advice was right on target! Once the interviews are over I’ll be in touch.”
B.M., Ottawa
“You have yourself a repeat customer. I purchased your Study Kit, and now I need your service again as I have been granted an interview.”
Mr. P.D., MBA, Vancouver
"I am very impressed by the style and contents of your presentation and the study kit. I believe anyone serious about the FS position would find the program well worth the investment."
Ms J. Liu, Calgary
“I wanted to drop you a line after the exam. I was thanking you in my mind as I wrote the tests, especially the situational judgment section. Great job, thanks again!”
Ms S. Khan, Toronto
“I found your advice on the multiple-choice judgment section of the exam extremely helpful, and the tips about how to approach and handle the interview proved very valuable…when I was in front of the board.”
Ms V.E., Ottawa
“I’m writing to tell you that I just got an offer to work in CIDA beginning next month. The extra time you spent with me preparing for the interview was a big help… It will be great to have a job I feel strongly about, and I’m grateful for your help over the past year to reach my goal.”
Ms E.G., Ottawa
“I am happy to report that, thanks to you, I felt confident and extremely well prepared on interview day. I was able to respond to the “open ended” questions in the morning calmly and logically…. In particular though, your advice regarding the group simulation was of immense value.”
K.W., Winnipeg
“I just wanted to let you know I was selected…and will be working with Citizenship and Immigration Canada in the International Section. Your study guide gave me the comparative advantage that I needed. Thank you for developing such a useful tool.”
N.N., Costa Rica
 “Thank you for assisting me with the AS interview. Your advice was timely and invaluable… I had no idea how different this interview was from the Ontario government and corporate accounting ones I had done for my other jobs. I’m recommending to my brother that he should discuss his career options with you too!”
Ms N.C., Toronto
“I am writing to you to share some good news. I have been selected for a position as a Foreign Service Officer. I really believe that your advice and interview counselling were largely responsible for my high ranking. I don’t see how anyone writing the test or attending the interview can afford to not use your services. Thanks again as I say goodbye to my private law practice.”
B.A., Montreal